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logo iuasThe Israeli Inter-University Academic Partnership
in Russian and East European Studies


New-An Inter-University Program in Russian and East European Studies 

Starting in the (2017-2018) academic year. The Israeli Inter-University Academic Partnership offers an Inter-University inter-disciplinary MA program in Russian and East European Studies in Partner universities (Bar-ilan, Haifa, Ben Gurion, Tel-Aviv Universities). Graduating Students will receive MA degree with specialization in the field. 

Students enrolled in the program can register in courses held in partner universities.

These courses will be included in the student's GPA.

Program courses are also open to students who are not enrolled in the program. using inter-university registration.

The partnership offers modest support in the form of coverage of travel expenses to and from partner universities, provided the student has presented proof of participation in those classes.

For MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lists of classes offered by the partner universities are listed in the following Link.