Inter-University Seminar in Russian and Eastern European Studies [2 semesters – 1 unit in each]

Coordinator: Dr. Dina Moyal
Course Structure: Four monthly meetings, 3.5 hours each, in every semester.

Sundays, 16:00-19:30: Fall Semester – 25/10, 15/11, 6/12, 10/1
Spring Semester – 14/3, 11/4, 9/5, 6/6

The meeting take place at Tel Aviv University, Gilman Bldg. Rm.458.

Course Description: The objective of the seminar is the creation of an inter-university forum, where advanced students in the field of Eastern Europe are offered the opportunity to get acquainted with leading researchers and projects in the field in Israel and abroad. In the course of the seminar lecturers from different disciplines in the hu,anities and social sciences (history, literature, sociology, political science) will present topics of their choice leading a discussion based on pre-circulated reading material. Students will be required to hand in short reading responses for every meeting. The course will facilitate inter-disciplinary approach to the study of the area combining historical methodology with other studies of the field.
The seminar will take place at Tel Aviv University, but students of all partner universities are encouraged to participate.

The partnership will cover travel expenses to and from TAU for participating student upon submission of receipts.
***During the Fall Semester of 2020-21 studies will be on-line. 

A full program of the lectures will be soon published here.

An Inter-University Writing Seminar in East European and East European Jewish Studies - Emphasis on Social History
Writing Seminar in Cooperation with Inter-University Partnership for the Study of Eastern Europe  (2 semesters - 1 credit per semester)

Coordinator: Dr. Scott Ury
Four monthly meetings each semester, Sundays, 16:00-20:00

***The workshop takes place at Rel Aviv University, but will be on-line during the Fall Semester

Dates of the meetings for the first semester: 23/10, 20/11, 18/12, 15/1

Dates of the meeting for the second semester:  12/3, 23/4, 21/5, 11/6

This course will use discussions regarding the connection between History and Memory to discuss key issues in the study of Eastern Europe and East European Jewry with an emphasis on the challenges and rewards of writing social history. This course is designed as a writing workshop for MA and PhD students from different Israeli universities whose research deals with Jewish and non-Jewish histories and societies in Russia and Eastern Europe. The writing seminar is designed for students who wish to gain further exposure to current research conducted in Israel and abroad, to improve their academic writing skills and to take part in a peer-based writing forum. In addition to presenting their own written work and receiving (and responding to) feedback from other participants, students will review works in progress and gain exposure to key journals in the field. The course will also grant students exposure to a wide range of theoretical and methodological issues as well as central topics and questions in the study of Eastern Europe and East European Jewry.
The course will take place at Tel Aviv University and is open to students from other universities.
In addition to active participation in discussions, each student will present at least one written chapter or article for peer-review. Participants will also be expected to write short, one-page reviews in anticipation of each meeting.

The partnership will cover travel expenses to and from TAU for participating student upon submission of receipts.

A full syllabus of the course will be soon published here.

For questions on inter-university registration please go to the COURSES tab or contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.